The Council of Children’s Nurses (Inc) formerly known as the Australian Confederation of Paediatric and Child Health Nurses NSW Branch (Inc) or Paediatric Nurses Association invites you to browse their website and consider becoming a member. In 2008, the Australian Confederation of Paediatric and Child Health Nurses national organisation became a college, now known as the Australian College of Children and Young Peoples Nurses (Inc). NSW members elected not to join the move but this change in governance required a change in name for the organisation in NSW. The NSW Branch asked members to choose a name to reflect the core business of the organisation, therefore the name change, which was confirmed in February 2009.

This name can truly reflect what our organization represents. A council can be described as a body that leads or governs. In many forms we provide nursing interventions for children in many environments. The current constitution-2016 defines children as 0-18 years (NB: the UN Convention also defines child as anyone below the age of 18 years).

Council of Children’s Nurses (CCN) is the principal professional organisation in NSW for nurses who provide care for children and young people within the context of their families and community. Membership of this organisation is open to nurses in all practice settings including child health, GPs practice, hospitals, community organisations, government agencies and schools, who are working with children and young people.